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5 smartphone maintenance tips for best performance | Smartphone maintenance tips

5 smartphone maintenance tips for best performance | Smartphone maintenance tips

Essential Products, Inc. [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Here I have explained five smartphone maintenance tips to get the best performance

1. clean smartphone

You probably might have installed pages of apps and only use a handful. Time to get rid of an unwanted apps. what I mean is
delete/uninstall all the unwanted apps from your phone, doing
this may boost up your phone speed and probably save battery life

2. Don't believe in closing and reopening the app hype

Most people believe in a myth that letting the app run in the background is bad for androids/smartphone. But this is wrong, constantly opening and closing apps, hurt phone's
performance and battery life.

What I mean is when you stopped using app in background will
suspend itself, only keep data alive in memory  but not using battery
and other resources.

So avoid constantly closing and reopening app as it drains your
phone's battery life and ph…