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3D model showreel | future 3D model house

Here we have presented  Showreel of  some sort of very advanced 3D model house. 

Humans are too ambitious, much creative, and always try to make their life more and more convenient. One of the basic need of the human is settlement and  playing very vital role for making human life comfortable, convenint and easy.

So human has always used their mind in the field of designing more and more convenient  house. Due to the advancement of the science and technology, human have successfully invented 3D model printing design  and that is capable of printing 3D model house. Here we have designed and attached above  showreel of 3D model house that is absolutely fiction and can watch you for your own.

Death is no longer permanent death | Human 'very close' to immortality

Image by Dan [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

You might have heard about alcor life extension foundation, it is the world leader in cryonics research and technology. And cryonics is theprocess of preserving human dead body using ultra cold temperature in aluminium cylindrical box with the intent of restoring human life later or making human immortal forever…It is believed there will be exponential growth and development of medical technology in coming some decades and help it to cryonics to restore life of dead humans.

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